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Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association (BOPMA) is a different business association that focuses Organic business community throughout the country. The BOPMA’s goals are to promote  the growth of organic trade nationally and internationally to benefit the soil, crops, public health, fisheries, environment, farmers, public and the economy.

They made us Toys: The healthy soil must not need fertilizer, pesticides, micro nutrients and other treatments, just like a healthy man. Naturally from the very beginning  our soil was healthy, resistant and strong but we made it sick and weak by pouring artificial feed, nutrients and pesticides. The soil of our country has almost been destroyed due to enormous usage of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides.

Some national and multinational companies played some tricks establishing their chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticides, hybrid seeds, GMO, GM foods etc throughout the country and finally they are success. They snatched our own ethnic strong, nutritious and resistant varieties of seeds and replaced their some hazardous seeds those are weak, sick, less-nutrients. They made us 100% dependent. More fertilizer, irrigation, pesticides and treatment are required for their new variety crops of these hybrid and super hybrid seeds.  As a result, our production costs are going up much and more but we are getting toxic crops.

We are having these toxic crops, vegetables and fruits and are facing new and severe diseases one after another day by day. As a result new and modern hospitals and clinics are increasing day by day throughout the country. The people and the govt have been expending millions of taka (money) every year in medical and in treatment purpose.



Green Chashe Md. Kamruzzaman Mridha
President, Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association (BOPMA)

Merits of Organic Agriculture

Organically processed products do not contain hydrogenated fats and other additives whose negative health impacts are widely acknowledged. Organic plant-based food products generally contain higher amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances.